ALIGNED, Huggies mini 9/10, Gold/White
14K Gold/Diamonds

1.348,00 kr.

SKU: 87010-0501-1

Easy-to-wear mini huggies, - split and open, no backside pin, diamond studded front Wear a single pair for the super cool everyday-delicate-diamond-look, or stack up side by side with other styles, - make a flow! 
PLEASE NOTE - check fit/size!
As length from pin to inside end is 6mm, this size should work fine in all positions. Good 1. position for smaller ears, and very good for 2nd position for all.   
Check if this size will leave space for pendants to move. 

Product details


Dimension 10x9 m

Weight   0,80 g

14k gold 0,79 g


Color J - DB-cut
Front: 0,058 ct/9 pc each
18 pc total

Finish High polished