ALIGNED, Raised Tiny Ring, Pink Sapphire
14K Gold/Pink Saffire/Diamonds

2.448,00 kr.

SKU: 87040-0541-50

A small, delicious ring: 3 tiny diamonds each side, set around a raised pink sapphire center. Super versatile and easy to wear - go for a single everyday look, or stack up for the more.
This ring due to the slim profile, could also be great adding a new look to your own styles, adding more life and sparkle to older styles...


Dimensions  1,5mm wide
Square, slightly rounded profile
Weight 1,04 g
Metal  14k gold 1,03 g 
Stone Pink Sapphire
CUT: Double-cut
CARAT: 0,05 ct/1 pc x 1,2 mm
CUT: Double cut
CARAT: 0,05 ct/6 pc x 1mm
Finish High polished