BASIC, Herringbone Small Bracelet, Gold
Glossy Gold

198,00 kr.

SKU: 11420-0400
FINAL SUMMER SALE 18th July 2021
Cool, smal herringbone glossy gold bracelet, showing off the characteristic, detailed surface. Wear this style single or stack up with others, maybe go for contrast in other shapes. 
Very durable 2 micron gold plating. 
PLEASE NOTE: Choose your favorite version:
16 + 4 cm adjustment a total of 20 cm
18 cm not adjustable.
Dimensions Bracelet 4,5 mm wide
0,5 mm flat profile
Weight  16+4cm  g, 18 cm  g
Metal 18k gold on sterling silver 925
2 micron plating
Finish High polished
16 + 4 cm adjustment = total 20 cm
18 cm not adjustable