RAINBOW, Piccaninny Necklace
14K Gold

4.275,00 kr.

SKU: 84053 - 0500
A trinity of cuteness: A tiny pacifier, a smal heart and a teddy, - a necklace full of symbolism for all mothers and childlike persons. The pendants all comes in a matte finish to add a cooler note to all the cuteness.
Dimensions Pacifier  3,5 x 3,5 mm, total lenght 7mm
Heart 5 x 5 x 2mm, total lenght 10mm
Teddy 7 x 9 x 2mm, total lenght 14mm
Weight 2,80g
Metal 14k gold 2,80g 
Finish Matte polished pendants, top high polished
Chain high polished
Other Length 45 or 50cm, last 6cm adjustable