BASIC, Large Ancla Bracelet, Gold 18k
18K Gold

2.748,00 kr.

SKU: 11524-0500-16

The slightly larger ANCLA bracelet, - wide, detailed yet very plain and everyday-wear-ish bracelet. Go wear this style all single, make space for the rather cute design to fold out, or  - pair up with other bracelets. 
Maybe even add a smaller pendent, check go those right here.
NOTE: All our BASIC-wear bracelet and necklaces comes in different lengths, on top all including extensions for a even further perfect fit. 
We like to close this bracelet in medium position. If you would like that too, then get your bracelet a size larger that you normally would, to let the small extension hang down as decoration. 

Product details

Dimensions Flat profile  wide, 0,75 mm thick
Each tiny link 2,1 x 4,2 mm
Weight    16cm:1,50g - 17cm:1,60g
18cm:1,60g -19cm:1,70g
Metal 18k gold
Finish High polished

16-17-18-19 cm. 
Length including extension,
last 3cm adjustable