Our DNA is to create luxury jewellery for everyday use.

Everyday wear will inevitably tear on your jewelry and the purpose of this guide is to help you maintain and care for your jewelry to make sure it has a long and sparkling life!

Consider your jewellery as any other everyday object: Just as your shoes need new soles and polishing, your cashmere sweater will pile, the glossy look on your new silk shirt will wear off - likewise your jewellery needs maintenance, care and perhaps even repairs.

Consider it therefore as expected, and not as a complaint or fault if your jewelry wears off like any other product.

This might happen:

  • Plated surfaces will wear off eventually. Our 3 micron plating will last 3-6-9-12 months depending on how it's treated. The plating on earrings will last longer whereas rings and bracelets will wear off the most, because they are subject to more contact with other surfaces.
  • As platings and glossy or matte finish can be done as a surface treatment only, platings will fade, glossy surfaces will get scratches and matte surfaces will in time be polished shiny.
  • Settings will wear off and can be damaged, causing stones to fall out. The smaller the stones, the smaller the settings that could break and be damaged. 
  • Every time you open/close a mechanical clasp it will loose a micro share of tightness. Clasps needs to tightened regularly. 

We've compiled some tips that provide less stress and wear on your jewelry:

  • Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom. Moisture and heat might damage the surface, this especially applies for plated jewelry and silver products.
  • Do not store your jewelry in your wallet with coins.
  • Do not use your jewelry when exercising, or when in contact with water.
  • Avoid perfumes, soaps, hair sprays and other products containing chemicals / solvents that can damage surfaces, gems and pearls.
  • Take off your jewelry when doing household tasks or lifting heavy items, as they can be squeezed, scratched and bend out of shape by pressure.
  • Gems and diamonds are exposed to the everyday dirt, grease etc. If your stones lost their sparkling expression, clean them by soaking in lukewarm water with a little liquid soap. Then scrub lightly with a small soft brush (toothbrush).

Price list repairs / renovation:

  • We can tighten clasps and locks free of charge. 
  • We can clean your jewelry by ultrasound free of charge.
  • We charge 75 DKK/10 Euro for setting of a new stone / diamonds. Products purchased less than 6 months ago will be repaired free of charge. After 6 months, losing a stone is not considered a manufacturing error, but happens because of subsequent damage. You normally only pay for the setting, not for a new stone.
  • We replace silk twirl ribbons for 150 DKK
  • We can give your jewellery a new coating and finish (ask for prices).