S T O R E   P I C K - U P*:  
So far to February 7th...
Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday 13-16

*PICK-UP online orders + 
we offer max 15 min consultations in our
connecting garden behind the store
for gift-exchange etc :) ...

Due to COVID-19 restricktions
we will be C L O S E D
until 7th February 2021

WHEN WE OPEN 7.2.2021:
Monday-Wednesday 12-18
Thursday-Friday 11-18
Saturday 11-16 
Sunday* 13-16 
Contact us** for
appointments outside  
opening hours!

St Kongensgade 5  |  1264 Copenhagen K

Use the chat function at www.othmar.dk - 
respond within max 3 hours 9-20 weekdays
or ... mail to othmar@mail.dk