OTHMAR jewellery is founded on a long tradition, deeply rooted in the Copenhagen soil. In 1972 Lise Othmar opened a shop selling fashion jewellery. She was the very first in Scandinavia to do so. Trendsetters and the press loved the small shop, and it became popular very fast. Selling jewellery as a fashion item rather than a long term investment was new to the Danes, who were only accustomed with traditional, expensive jewellery.

Charlotte takes the reigns

In 1990 the daughter Charlotte took over the company, and the following year she opened a shop in St. Kongensgade in the heart of Copenhagen where it is still located today. At the same time the company expanded to sell wholesale, distributing all over Northern Europe to fashion shops, department stores and airlines.'

 A global company

In autumn 2008 OTHMAR chose a new strategy; the production was moved to the Far East, and the company now solely focuses on sale from the flagship store and web shop. In December 2016 we launched the new OTHMAR web shop, selling high quality designer jewellery at affordable prices where all price-raising intermediaries have been discarded.

In early 2017 we re-designed and improved the online shopping experience at othmar.dk.