As a teenager Charlotte started helping out in mum’s trendy jewellery store after school. Being a very creative child, all kind of designer tasks had already been tried out; creating stuffed animals, the fabrication of doll house interior, sewing clothing for her dolls and later on herself, - all with changing rates of success.

Jewellery design caught Charlotte’s interest, and quite soon young Charlotte’s designs were sold in the store.  

The working relationship between mother and daughter was fruitful, and when the parents in 1990 moved to London Charlotte took over the business and made it into one of the major jewellery brands, selling in all of Northern Europe.  

As a daughter of an international oriented London businessman and a warm, whimsical mum Charlotte learned early on that any company - big or small - needs to be driven with a professional approach combined with passion, creativity and personal commitment. 

Charlotte Othmar has a master degree from Copenhagen Business School, and otherwise worked up a fine experience of creating jewelry and a unique way to sell it. She lives in Copenhagen, only a few minutes away from the main store, in a renovated factory building.