From the very beginning of the 1990s to 2008 all of OTHMAR then custome jewelry jwas manufactured at various small Parisian workshops. To meet the increasing demand for jewelry made in precious stones, silver and gold and more competitive prices, in 2008 OTHMAR started a cooperation with a new business partner in Northern India. An area with a long history of making stunning jewelry to the Maharajas. 

Our partners understand the fine balance of combining the knowledge and tradition of their longstanding craftsmanship skills with the new technologi and modern management tools. In this respect they represent the best traits of modern India.

As India is going through a rapid development, it is still however also a nation facing great challenges such as poverty and social hardship. Our production is adding a positive contribution to the country´s economical development in general and more specific raising the generel living standarts for the employees and the area, offering education, medical care for all family members as well as proper working conditions. 

Thus far the result of the collaboration has been collections of finely crafted design jewelry of high quality at very reasonable prices, allowing the collections to change with a greater frequency.

In short, we are happy to say “made in India”…