KØBENHAVN, Letters Bracelet, 9K
9K Gold

1.648,00 kr.

SKU: 87621-0500-17

The super city-cool KBH letter-bracelet: At front a slightly curved block of the letters KBH and a heart, - short for "we-love-Copenhagen".
We also love the way the glossy front interacts with the faceted chain, that reflects light when you move.   
Next to the clasp, a super cute tiny four-leaf-good-luck clover, - picked for you in "King's Garden"...   
The bracelet comes in 2 lengths, both including 3 extensions, - 17 and 19cm. 
It´s all made up in budget-friendly, long-lasting 9k gold.  
For stacking-up with other bracelets, take a look here. 

Product details
Dimensions Front letter block:
12 x 3 x 0,75mm
Lucky Clover: 3,5 x 3,5mm
Weight 0,00 g
Metal 9K gold 0,0 g
Finish High polished
Other Choose length 17 or 19 cm
/last 3cm adjustable