SEATTLE, Aquarium Studs, Gold/Emerald
14K Gold/Diamonds

1.999,00 kr.

SKU: 87105 - 0533-1

One single large bezel-set cool, spicy EMERALD. A delicious, staight-forward new smooth stud for a modern everyday-wear, a clean-lined style that will match almost everything.  
Go for just one single for the classic, nude everyday-look , or go FLOWING, mix and set up with other styles. 
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 Product details

Dimensions Each bezel 4,25 mm
Hight 2,4 mm
Weight  0,87 g
Metal 14k gold 0,81 g 
0,30 tcw
2 x 0,15 ct 
Finish High polished
Other Pin 9mm, 2 positions/Butterfly 4mm