OLYMPIA, Hestia Cuffs, Gold
14K Gold/Diamonds

1.998,00 kr.

SKU: 85011-0501-2

Simple tiny hoop with just one diamond! Super cool, subtle, for nice everyday-wear styling, you may even wear it all the time... - and for more coolness, combine - go mix n matching with others...
Be aware of size, this IS a small item! - very good for small size earlobe or for 2nd-3rd position, or you can ask for a slightly bigger dimension when ordering (8x10mm)... 

Dimensions Twirl Dimension: 6 x 8mm
Front dimensions: 3,3 mm
Weight 0,45 g
Metal 14k gold 0,44 g 
Stone Diamond:
COLOR: White H/I
CUT: Brilliant
CARAT: Total carat: 0,067: 2 x 2mm
Finish High polished