Signet Rings

RIO, Signet 2-diamonds Ring, White/White
14K Gold

8.898,00 kr.

SKU: 82049-0101-45

The SIGNET ring, a modern classic!
Our take, - all smooth crispy white gold, soft curves and just the right appropriate weight for a chunky, yet light and easy, airy expression. The weight and shape also coordinated for the ring to stay in position, not slide to the sides, especially when set on pinky. 
Set with a tiny diamond each side.  Weight developed as not too heavy, not too high to avoid the ring from sliding down all the time. 
Set with a tiny diamond each side.  
You can even customize as you like: Create your own version, engraved, maybe studded with a diamond circle or front entirely diamond studded? ...
Note sizes comes from pinky-appropiate 45 or right up to 62. 
You´re welcome to customize size even further. 
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Product details

Dimensions Front slightly oval 10 x 11mm
Frame flat from 10 to 3mm at back
Weight 4,3 g
Metal 14k WHITE gold 4,3 g
Finish High polished