Aligned, 1/1 line 3mm Ring, Gold/Champagne
14K Gold/Champagne Diamonds

24.998,00 kr.

SKU: 25300-0421-48

Make your dreams come true with this magnificent, sparkling 1-line ring, all set with a mere 2,15 ct of cool, glowing champagne brilliant cut diamonds.
Note how each stones are all slightly different in tone, adding more life, glow and colorplay to the surface.  
Wear alone or - make a perfect stack

Product details
Dimensions Width 3,3 mm, depth 2,5 mm
Weight  3,4 g
Metal 14k gold 2,97 g
Color: C3-C4
Clarity SI
Brilliant cut, 2,15 ct
Each stone app 0,1ct/3mm
Total x diamonds
Finish High polished