ALIGNED, Even huggies 15mm OVAL, Gold/White
14K Gold/Diamonds

3.299,00 kr.

SKU: 87017-0501-1

Classic easy-to-wear OVAL shaped diamond huggies for a tighter fit.
Just split and open, no backside pin, diamond studded front, the 15mm version in a square slightly chunky profile. 
This size comes with a bit more space and air, a super classic everyday-diamond-pair. Also works perfect to make graduated FLOWS, this item set in first position. 

PLEASE NOTE if you choose 1 pc or the pair!

Product details


Dimension 15x10 mm

Weight   1,83 g

14k gold 1,59 g


Color J - DB-cut
Front: 0,22 ct/10 pc each
20 pc total

Finish High polished
Other Choose 1 pc or the paire