Aligned, Tennis 6,2 ct/3mm Bracelet, Gold/White
14K Gold/White Diamonds

59.998,00 kr.

SKU: 87020-0401-17

The classic tennis bracelet - back in the fashion!
And here comes the over-the-top luxurious 6,2 version set with 3mm/0,11 ct diamonds. 
We can custom-made any size of diamonds and length.     

Dimensions Width  mm, hight 2,1 mm
Clasp  x  mm
Weight   6,64 g
Metal 14k gold 6,24 g
Color H/I
Clarity SI
Brilliant-cut, 2,00 ct
Each stone app 0,03 ct/2 mm
75-80 diamonds depending on size
Finish High polished
Other Choose length