BASIC, Box Necklace, 18k Gold
18k Gold

5.648,00 kr.

SKU: 11590-0500-40

New 18k gold variant of the box-chain necklace. This delicious super cool square profile necklace comes with a chunky feeling, works for girls and guys equally. 
This super-style dont even need a pendant. Just wear it cool and nude, maybe in Y-shape letting the extension hang down at front being part of the design. 
If you are in need of a more solid chain, this will be your perfect choice. 
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Product details
Dimensions Chain profile 1x1 mm
Square box profile
Weight 40cm: 3.0 g
45cm: 3,4 g
60cm: 4.55 g
Metal 18k gold 
Finish High polished
Other Chose your size 40-60 cm
Furthermore last 5 cm adjustable