BASIC, Facetted Bracelet, White Gold 18k
18k Gold

1.698,00 kr.

SKU: 11522-0100-16

The delicious crispy white facetted bracelet. See how it actually sparkles, like, sends out small glimts as you move around.
Wear this style all single, -  just as it is, all nude. Or - go pair up with other bracelets.  maybe even add a pendents, check them right here. 

Product details

Dimensions 0,65 mm profile
Each tiny link 0,65 x 1,70 mm
Weight    0,70g - 0,75g - 0,80g, 0,85
Metal 18k WHITE gold
Finish High polished

16-17-18-19 cm. 
including extension, last 3cm adjustable