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BRETAGNE, Nevez Pearl Necklace, White/Silver
Sterling Silver 925

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Pearls - a n d  a crispy delicious silver chain, - all in one look!
The "Nevez"-chain is a 2/3-line of linked freshwater pearls, and for a new take, - the last 1/3 of the necklace is a chain. So, - some days focus on pearls, other days - the silver chain more in focus. 
Each pearl have a slightly different shape/very slightly different color as part of their natural expression.  
We quite like a slightly messed-up, not-too-perfect look, so go mix-up with other necklaces?
Take a look at all the new BRETAGNE styles, and all our PEARLs right here... 
PLEASE NOTE: Adjustable size. 

Product details
Dimensions Pearl size
4 x 6 mm
Weight App 6 g
Metal Sterling Silver 925 

2/3 of necklace:
White/creamy linked pearls

Finish High polished
Other 45 cm/Last 6 cm adjustable