DUBLIN, Huggies 11mm, Gold/Emerald
14K Gold/Diamonds

1.599,00 kr.

SKU: 88603-0533-1

NEW smooth, easy-to-wear veeery small, mini huggies in a spicy emerald version, -  just split and open, no backside pin/, surface and a single top diamond. 
These new huggies when set single, will give you a delicious, nude everyday-wear-look, more surface/less sparkles. Set in FLOWs, the perfect style for contrast, adding the smooth surface to more shiny styles. 
This tiny, slim 11 mm size comes with air and space, is a super option for daily single wear or perfect fit for 1.th position. 
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SIZE GUIDE NOTE: This size is the safe choice for a good size everyday-wear earring, as inside space from pin to bottom is 9mm. 
You probably have space to add a pendant if you want more noise. 

Product details


Dimension 11x8 mm
Inside space from pin to back 8mm

  0,884 g

14k gold 0,882 g


0,015 tcw
2 x 0,075 ct/2x1mm

Finish High polished