FLORENCE, Duomo Bow Studs, Gold/Diamonds
14K Gold/Diamonds

4.449,00 kr.

SKU: 89003 - 0501-1

Diamond-sprinkled bows are small "perfect-craftsmanship" wonders, just take a closer look:
The 2 loops of the bow are constructed in different size, different angels so this large style have a perfect fit up-the-earlobe: The smaller loop first facing your face, the larger loop climbs up the ear. You see? Also see how the ribbon folds perfectly, as well as displaying the fine, uneven detailed, rimmed side of the lace. 
The bows are sprinkled with diamonds, but retains a clean and smooth expression from the invisible set stones. We really tried to make these bows just ... perfect! 
The size, - large, but still leaving space on most earlobes for FLOWs 
Dare to go for a super cool over-sized large pair of perfect bows, - or, maybe mix the larger MICHELANGELO with the smaller DUOMO for an uneven set?  
They will not work for FLOWs, as the size will cover all earlobe. 
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 Product details

Dimensions Earring dimension: 8,2 x 15,5 mm
Weight  2,52 g
Metal 14k gold 2,483 g 
Color J
Clarity SI
0,0,185 tcw
17+17=34 diamonds/0,005ct
Finish High polished