KALAHARI, Nerine Huggies 11mm, Gold/White
14K Gold/Diamonds

1.874,00 kr.

SKU: 88502-0501-1

KALAHARI styles, comes as little, twisted and dried out small desert-sticks, decorated with diamonds to sparkle like flowers in the desert. 
Nerine is a smaller slightly wavy, mirrored huggie, decorated with a few tiny diamond studded bals. For more noise, attached under dangles 2 tiny pendants, first one diamond studded as well. 
These huggies adds a playfull note, makes "more noise" stylingwise.   
Wear the pair, or stack up with other styles. Maybe diamond-set huggies for contrast, or even studs to make a cool flow.

THIS SIZE 11mm will do for most in 1 position. Will even work fine in 2nd for larger size flows.
For KALAHARI go here, and for other
 FINE HUGGIES take a look here. 

Product details


Dimension huggie 9 x 11m
Total length 15 mm

Weight   1,47 g

14k gold 1,46 g


White J diamonds
Double cut
Clarity SI
0,03 tcw
0,005ct/6 pc total the pair

Finish High polished