MADRID, Avila 5-stone-huggies, Golden/White

249,00 kr.

SKU: 87702 - 0501-1

5-stone Classic easy-to-wear huggies. Just split and open, no backside pin and a graduated zircon studded front. 
Wear these new huggies in a single everyday-style, or go stack up with others. check all huggies here, and the FLOW styles right here

This size - 12x10mm/Internal 9x7mm will fit most ears in first position, and work fine in 2nd as well. 
Be clear if you choose 1 pc or the pair.

Product details


Dimension 12x10 mm
Internal dimension 9x7 mm

Weight   1.4 g

18k 2 micron on Sterling 925 1, g 


White Zirconia:
5 graduated stones:
0,75 ct

Finish High polished
Other Choose 1 pc or the paire