MARIN, Ripple diamond ring, White/high
18K White Gold/Diamonds

2.998,00 kr.

SKU: 87141-0101-45

Even tiny, crispy white 1.1mm ring, with a delicious small front diamond studded ripple. 
Go stack this styles: 
Go play, as these rings are made to be stacked: Mix 2-3-4 styles, different shapes, matte and glossy surfaces mixed with diamonds. 
For all MARIN go here. 
Not the best single-wear style:The very small curve does not come out right, but instead looks rather bend. However stacked, - here we go! Set to steeper curves or straight lines this ring accentuates the fine nude, delicious look that MARIN is all about.
SIZE-GUIDE: Still/Ripple styles true to size. In between 2 sizes, go for smaller size. Curved rings like Wave/DB-wave and Surf might feel larger due to the curves. Here as well in between 2 sizes go for the smaller size. 
If your size does not fit, just return for a new size, as these slim rings are not ideal for resizing.

Product details:

Dimensions 1,1 mm round profile
Front riddle 2,5 mm
Weight 0,70 g
Metal 18K WHITE gold 0,68 g
Color J
Clarity SI
Carat 0,06/22 pc 
Finish High polished