OLYMPIA, Helios PIERCING Stud, Gold/White
14K Gold/Diamonds

2.498,00 kr.

SKU: 85014-0501-P6mm

The DB-diamond piercing stud, - as in 2 brilliant cut diamonds for a delicious cool,  compound effect, a perfect small-size-everyday-wear single-style with a lot of power. 
Turn, set even, aligned with other styles, or just go for a single set PIERCING style. 
PIERCING NOTEs: Our piercing back-ends are super slim, back-end only 0,95mm.
That is almost the same as a traditional pin (0,8-0,9), this style will work for most,  as in, fitting your existing holes. 
And - the biggest advantage, the completely flat back lock mechanism
Designed as our signature - a small clover, - making it more easy to grab and screw  on.  For 24/7-wear, no backside pin to get stuck in your hair, or nick the skin.  
Choose back-end length according to where you will set the piercing. Note you can leave the last 1-2mm open, not screwing it completely tight, and have more options.
BACK-END-LENGTH is measured as INNER length!  

Looks great styled with HUGGIES, for inspo go here
For other traditional studs, take a look right here
SOLD BY SINGLE PIECE! For a pair you need to order 2 pieces. 

Product details

Dimensions Front dimensions: 2,1 x 4,8 mm
Clover dimension 3,7x3,7mm
Weight 0,24 g
Metal 14k gold 0,24 g 
Stone Diamonds:
COLOR: White H/I
CUT: Brilliant
CARAT: Total carat/pc: 0,06 ct
2 x 2mm/0,03 ct each
Finish High polished
Other CHOOSE your back-end length
5mm - 6mm - 7 mm
(measured as INNER FREE length!