OLYMPIA, Tiny Artemis Pendant, Gold
14K Gold/Diamonds

1.598,00 kr.

SKU: P0004-0501-2

Sometime the most simple is the best: Go sparkle up your top with cute, teeny-tiny single brilliant cut diamond-pendant. ... And this item IS really small and delicious!
Set a FLOW, mix and match with other Top-n-Go styles 
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Product details
Dimensions Dimensions: round 1,6 mm
Total length 5 mm
Top 3,5 x 2,5 mm
Weight  Single 0,26 g/set 13 g
Metal 14k gold 0,26 g/0,26 g 
Stone Diamonds:
COLOR: White H/I
CUT: Brilliant
CARAT: Total carat: 0,04 ct, 2 x 2mm
Finish High polished
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