Paris, Coupole Necklace, Gold
9K Gold/LAB Diamonds

2.898,00 kr.

SKU: 88050-0500

Necklace set with a cute sitting bulldog,
... - patiently waiting for a snack-hand-me-down... ?
The bulldog is attached to the featherlight, delicate "sevre"-chain of fine, facetted sides shining with tiny glimps as you move around.
If you think we lost it, - well... "You only live once"!

Product details

Dimensions Dog Dimension 11x14 mm
Thickness 1,1
Chain 42,5 cm
Weight 2,7 g 
Metal The Bulldog 0,90g
9K gold 2,7 g
Finish Bulldog:
Front matte, slightly brushed.
Side and back high polished
Chain high polished

Chain 42,50 cm
last 5 with 3 extensions