Paris, Procope Large Medaillon, Gold/diamonds
9K Gold/LAB Diamonds

4.198,00 kr.

SKU: 88099-0501

Cool, large very plain matte brushed, diamond lined medaillon.  
Add this pendant to other, maybe glossy styles, to highligh the soft, beautiful matte surface. And do turn, see details and finish from the backside as well.   
In need of a chain? take a look right here 
All PARIS styles are set with the finest F/G-brilliant cut LAB diamonds!        

Product details

Dimensions Medaillon 15 mm
Thickness 1,15 mm
Total Length 21mm
Weight 2.04 g 
Metal 9K gold 2,02 g
Stone Diamonds:
Color: F/G
Cut: Brilliant-cut
Clarity: SI
Tcw: LAB 0,09 ct
Each Diamond size:
30 x 0,9 mm/0,003 ct
Finish Front matte, slightly brushed.
Side , back and top high polished