SUOMI, Saimaa Seamless Neckless
Glossy Gold

3.498,00 kr.

SKU: 87250-0500-48

The amazing Saimaa Necklace:  Chunky, cool - with the new developed invisible clasp, making this piece "infinitive" and all links with reflection from the wavy SUOMI signature surface ... 
PLEASE NOTE: The longer versions are composed of a chain and a bracelet respectively. This gives you the opportunity to use a longer chain and at the same time get both a bracelet and shorter necklace...  

Product details
Dimensions Each link 20x5mm
in width 2mm
Weight 45cm: 32 g
Metal 18k gold plated on sterling silver 925
3 micron platin 
Finish High polished 
Other 48 cm
For longer versions,
add a bracelet to the necklace