SUPER ELLIPSE, Exaggerated Necklace
14K Gold/Dark Silver/Gray Diamonds

15.898,00 kr.

SKU: 48500-0501-40

Sometimes you just gotta go ALL the way, - as in this large pendant: A long, solid all gold cool matte center, surrounded by a mere 3 rows of shiny, glistering gray diamonds.
This amazing pendant is 5 cm long, the weight is almost 10 g - go for the luxury fine look set in the thin anchor chain, or the chunky edgy look, set in the SUOMI Saima seamless necklace.. Either way, this is a showstopper item, -enjoy! 
(Pendant is set with anchor chain) 

Product details
Dimensions Pendant total length 48 mm
Ellipse 40 x 18 mm
Weight Pendant 9,84 g
Metal Top/Center 14K gold 2,85 g
Side dark silver 925 6,79 g
Stone Gray Diamonds:
COLOR Shade B, CUT Single
CARAT 1.0 ct
Finish Top/Side high polished
Center Matte Polished
Other Choose a chain:
All chains last 5 cm adjustable