TOKYO, Nezu Stick, Gold/Pearl/White
14K Gold/Diamonds

2.848,00 kr.

SKU: 87808-050110-2

A fresh new take on your everyday favorite: A slim golden diamond studded stick, and a delicious perfect, small Akoya saltwater pearl is dangling from the end of a 10mm chain. 
A vibrant, mowing and attension-taking new style.  
It works super single. Or - go set a fresh, cool flow, starting with this style.             

Product details

Dimensions STICK 1,65 x 6,5mm
Chain 10mm
Pearl 3mm
Total Length 30mm
Weight 1.0 g
Metal 14K gold 0,99 g
Stone Diamonds:
Color: J
Cut: DB-cut
Clarity: SI
Tcw: 0,0425 ct/10 pc
Each Diamond size:
1,1mm/0,00425 ct
Finish High polished

2 delicious 3mm perfect round Akoya saltwater pearls
Each style set w 10mm chain