TOKYO, Tennoji medium Stick, Gold/Pearl/White
14K Gold/Diamonds

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T H E  2024 S U M M E R  S A L E
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The slightly longer diamond studded stick, set with a delicious perfect, small Akoya saltwater pearl dancing loose right under. 
Go for traditional single wear, or try turning the stick in different directions. The small added pearl will just move along the setting. 
Or set a FLOW: This style will be super for all positions.
2nd and 3rd, try setting an untraditional "across-the-ear-angle", the little delicious pearl turned up or down just as you like...  
We LOVE these new fresh small delicious diamond and pearl-sticks that comes with a very modern note... 
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Product details

Dimensions STICK 1,65 x 12mm
Pearl 3mm
Total Length 17mm
Weight 0,95 g
Metal 14K gold 0,94 g
Stone Diamonds:
Color: J
Cut: DB-cut
Clarity: SI
Tcw: 0,083 ct/20 pc
Each Diamond size:
1,1mm/0,00425 ct
Finish High polished

2 delicious 3mm perfect round Akoya saltwater pearls