TOKYO, Zojoji Necklace, White/Pearl/White
14K Gold/Diamonds

3.698,00 kr.

SKU: 87851-010110

A new, updated pearl-jewelry-look: A delicious crispy white necklace with a tiny horisontal front stick set with a perfect round, small Akoya saltwater pearl dangling under.
The classic pearl necklace with a cool modern note.   

Product details

Dimensions FRONT STICK 1,65 x 6,5mm
Pearl 3mm
Chain 42,5 mm
Weight Front detail: 0,80 g
Metal Front detail:14K WHITE gold 0,79 g
Stone Diamonds:
Color: J
Cut: DB-cut
Clarity: SI
Tcw: 0,02125 ct/5 pc
Each Diamond size:
1,1mm/0,00425 ct
Finish High polished

3mm perfect round Akoya saltwater pearl
Last 5 cm og chain adjustable to
37.5-40-42,5 cm